Is the Kindle the more lucrative ebook platform?

Here’s a must read for any cartoonist contemplating creating and selling an ebook of their cartoons on Amazon’s Kindle market.

Andrew Hyde, an self-published author, recently released his book “This Book About Travel” as an Apple iBook, Kindle ebook, Nook ebook, and as a downloadable PDF. He did all the usual self-promotion, built a website, engaged in social media, etc. After looking at his first 300 sales, Kindle buyers were 73% of sales which would make you think Amazon was the way to go, but looking at revenue, Amazon was dead last in actual profit on each sale. Why? As he discovered, both Amazon and Apple take their 30%, but Amazon charges a $2.58 delivery fees on every download. So for every $9.99 book sold, he only realized $5.10 from Amazon.

He’s got a lot of data and information. Like I said, if you’re heading into ebooks – be sure to read his blog.

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