Video: Al Jaffee on creativity and professionalism

A quick two minute piece featuring Al Jaffee talking about his sense of professionalism in his work.

Anyone who is going to accept your artwork is not there to solve your problems. You are there to solve their problems. When I get an assignment… I will not deliver it until I am satisfied that I would buy it.

Hat tip: Mike Lynch

7 thoughts on “Video: Al Jaffee on creativity and professionalism

  1. Been an Al Jaffee fan since I was a kid. Went to the Boston Comic Con in April and he was supposed to be there. Brought an old MAD book to get autographed, but he was at lunch. And didn’t come back. That was Saturday, couldn’t get back on Sunday. I was one of many disappointed fans waiting.

    Love his work and was really hoping to meet him!! Got to meet many other great artists(Tim Sale, Kevin Maguire) but those old MAD artists are still the main source of my artistic inspiration.

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