Puss in Boots writer to rework Mandrake the Magician

Warner Bros. has brought in Tom Wheeler to rewrite Mandrake The Magician which has been in movie production since 2009. Wheeler, writer for the movie Puss in Boots and NBC’s series The Cape has been charged with giving Mandrake a 21st century makeover much like Warner Bros did for Sherlock Holmes.

The original Mandrake the Magician was created in 1934. A 12-part serial of the strip was created and released by Columbia back in 1939. NBC made a pilot episode of a TV series based on the strip in the mid-50s but it never went to air.

3 thoughts on “Puss in Boots writer to rework Mandrake the Magician

  1. You also forgot:
    * NBC aired a 2 hour Mandrake the Magician made for TV movie in 1980.
    * Mandrake appeared in the 1986 syndicated cartoon series Defenders of the Earth with 2 other King Features properties: Flash Gordon and The Phantom.

  2. Also, Mandrake appeared in the 1972 ABC Saturday Superstar Movie animated Popeye and the Man Who Hated Laughter which was produced by King Features.

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