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Two FBOFW books released as audio and ibook

Lynn Johnston has released two of her books as an audiobook and ibook in the iTunes book store. “Farley Follows His Nose” has been released as a audiobook read by narrator Kathleen McInerney.

Her other book, “Farley and the Lost Bone” has been released as an iBook that features read-along audio recorded by Lynn herself along with interactive animation. “Farley and the Lost Bone” is co-written by Beth Cruikshank.

Community Comments

#1 Nancy Roy
@ 4:56 pm

Cool! The FBOFW books are great! My kids just absolutely LOVE “Farley Follows his Nose.”

#2 Alex Hallatt
@ 10:15 pm

I and a lot of other cartoonists would love to know more about the process of getting this ebook made – it looks and sounds great.

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