Profiled: Stephanie Piro on cartooning as revenge

Roz Warren interviews Six Chix cartoonist Stephanie Piro over at Women’s Voices for Change:

“Cartooning is the best revenge,” Stephanie Piro jokes when I ask where her ideas come from. A marital spat with husband John or a stranger’s insensitive remark will quickly find its way into Piro’s “Fair Game” strip or King Features’ popular “Six Chix” feature, where Piro (right) is the “Saturday Chick.” Her cartoons may start with a gripe, but they end in a laugh. Piro knows how to turn the challenges women face each day into good, funny cartoons.

2 thoughts on “Profiled: Stephanie Piro on cartooning as revenge

  1. This is a good interview – lots on this good cartoonist and lots of good cartoons. So often interviews will include only one or two comics when seeing the work is everything.

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