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NCS announces Division Awards nominees

The National Cartoonists Society has announced the nominees for their various Division Awards including those for the new Online Comic Strips. The Reuben Awards will be held Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas this year where the winners will be announced.

Television Animation

Ben Bocquelet and Antoine Perez Production Design on The Wonderful World of Gumball Cartoon Network
Penn Ward Character Design on Adventure Time Cartoon Network
Erik Wiese Production Design on The Mighty B Nickelodeon

Feature Animation

Mark McCreery, character design: Rango
Carlos Saldanha, Director: Rio
Jennifer YuhNelson, Director: Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom

Newspaper Illustration

Glen LeLievre
Michael McParlane
Bob Rich

Gag Cartoons

Mathew Diffee
Zach Kanin
Barbara Smaller

Greeting Cards

Dave Klug
Glenn McCoy
Rick Stromoski

Newspaper Comic Strips

Glenn McCoy The Duplex
Steve Kelley, Jeff Parker Dustin
Mike Peters Mother Goose and Grimm

Newspaper Panel Cartoons

Mark Parisi Off the Mark
Stephanie Piro Smile
Wiley Miller Non Sequitur

Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration

Victor Juhasz
Bruce McCall
Edward Sorel

Book Illustration

Barbara Lehman The Secret Box
Mark Pett The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
John Rocco Blackout

Editorial Cartoons

Lisa Benson
Mike Lester
Mike Ramirez

Advertising Illustration

Nick Galifianakis
Kevin Kallauger (KAL)
Tom Stiglich

Comic Books

Darwyn Cooke ?Betty Saves the Day? Rocketeer Adventures #2
Duncan Fegredo Hellboy: The Fury
J.H. Williams Batwoman

Graphic Novels

Chester Brown Paying For It
Rick Geary The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti
Ben Katchor The Cardboard Valise

Online Comic Strips

Matthew Inman The Oatmeal
Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins Penny Arcade
Jon Rosenberg Scenes from a Multiverse

Community Comments

#1 Doug Bratton
@ 10:24 am

Congratulations to all of the nominees! A very deserving crew.

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:36 am


#3 Kyle Parker-Robinson
@ 10:43 am

“Online Comic Strips”? Since when has that been a category?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally am a little tickled at the idea of The Oatmeal or Penny Arcade winning a Reuben Award.

#4 Jeff Parker
@ 11:33 am

…Of course, that’s Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker for “Dustin.”

Congrats to all the nominees!

#5 Joe Engesser
@ 11:58 am

All tenacious tooners! Love the “Riot Pack” brochure, Tom…can hardly wait to see Ed’s program illustration. Good luck to all the nominees.

@ 1:46 pm

Congrats to all of the nominees!! Congrats to Glenn McCoy, The Duplex is one of my favorite strips!

#7 Tom Richmond
@ 1:50 pm

“Online Comic Strips” is new this year. It was difficult to figure out a way to make sure those comics that were part of consideration met the rules of eligibility required of all work in the NCS divisional awards, but I think we cleared that hurdle. It’s hard for anyone to argue with the nominees.

#8 Anton Emdin
@ 3:04 pm

Congratulations to all the nominees! It would have been hard to pick the winners.

And well done to Tom and the NCS for adding the new category, too. Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing next year.

#9 Eric Burke
@ 4:13 pm

How was PvP overlooked for the online category? I don’t read it very often but it’s a pioneer for webcomics, perpetually popular and you’d think worthy of a nomination in the first year of the category.

And Penny Arcade is definitely deserving of the award for all that strip has accomplished. Again, not a regular reader of the strip but they created their own industry from that strip. And like PvP, perpetually popular!

Glad to see the NCS FINALLY recognizing the online strips!!!

#10 Marc Davidson
@ 5:48 pm

How many times has Glenn McCoy been nominated?

#11 Brian Fairrington
@ 6:13 pm

Five bucks says a conservative wins the editorial cartoon category.

#12 Mike Cope
@ 8:39 am

Congrats to ALL the nominees!

@ 9:26 am

Maybe there should be nominees for us Sherpa creators on Gocomics!

(walking away with head bowed)Eh…It was just a thought.

#14 Andrew Farago
@ 12:10 pm

Any Sherpa creators who meet the eligibility requirements for NCS membership (whether they are members are not) are/were welcome to submit work for consideration in the online comic strips category.

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