Stacy Curtis takes on inking Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson has announced on his blog that starting today illustrator Stacy Curtis is taking over on inking the daily Cul de Sac.

From Richard’s blog:

I’ll continue to write Cul de Sac and draw roughs for Stacy to try to decipher and I’ll do as much of the final inking as I can. Of the weeks of strips we’ve produced so far I’ve inked only the Sundays, though that may vary from week to week.

This change isn’t made lightly; I’m as obsessive and grabby and unwilling to share as some four-year-olds I could name. But after some months of missed deadlines and last-minute repeats I’m willing to bend a little.

Stacy is a former editorial cartoonist and now children’s illustrator.

5 thoughts on “Stacy Curtis takes on inking Cul de Sac

  1. And I just loved the comment on Richard’s blog from the dipstick (written before the first strip had even come out) that he doesn’t like the new art!

  2. We’ll still have Thompson’s imagination, ideas, his great characters and first-rate writing skills. So we’ll still have Cul de Sac!

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