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Doonesbury fan pushes for Presidential Medal of Freedom for Trudeau

Politico reports that Michael Masley, a Doonesbury fan, has launched a campaign to solicit a groundswell of support to give The Presidential Medal of Freedom to Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau.

The campaign currently has over 1,800 members.

I’ll admit I don’t know what the usual process is for determining candidates for this award, but I’m pretty sure it’s not based on Facebook likes.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Tayler
@ 9:07 am

Facebook “Likes” will be used to elect the U.S. President and the U.N. Secretary General in 2036.

We will all consider the system to be horribly antiquated, and we’ll tell “dimpled chad” jokes the whole time.

#2 Mike Peterson
@ 4:17 am

File this one alongside the massive pile of random people nominated-but-never-considered for the Nobel Peace Prize, and right next to that legal maxim about being able to indict a ham sandwich.

I’m a Doonesbury fan, but this is like a story arc in the strip.

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