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QR coded Doonesbury pulled from major newspaper

The GoComics blog notes that today’s Doonesbury has been pulled from at least one major market
. No indication which paper or the reason. The only thing I can observe is the use of a QR code that takes the reader (provided they have a QR code reader on their mobile device) to


Here’s the offending comic:

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 2:32 pm

I was trying to figure out the reason, too. Papers must randomly pull Doonesbury just to make sure it’s the most censored strip in the history of comics.

#2 Pab Sungenis
@ 2:35 pm

Some newspapers are especially afraid of the web, and might be intent on stopping anything that encourages people to go online. Some might be afraid of what’s in that little magic box that Zonker is holding, and that it might drop porn in the laps of unsuspecting juvenile readers they think they still have. Others are just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to drop Doonesbury.

#3 Bearman Cartoons
@ 2:58 pm

Maybe it is a more benign reason like and HR thing that says no one (employee or otherwise) can solicit donations/fund raising in the workplace ala don’t sell your kids girl scout cookies at work.

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 3:19 pm

The thought maybe the QR code took you to some other site beside, so I scanned it.
Nope. It takes you to where it says it does.
Get the Scooby gang together because we’ve got ourselves a mystery.

#5 Gerry Mooney
@ 4:22 pm

I assume from the script that Trudeau has shown a QR code before and it didn’t get pulled? So what’s the problem exactly? Alan, if you find out more, a followup would be in order I think.

#6 Darryl Heine
@ 5:17 pm

The Chicago Tribune didn’t carry today’s Doonesbury strip and ran “Thatababy” instead.

I know the QR code appears in the Monday Mr. Boffo strips that the Chicago Tribune gets.

#7 Alan Gardner
@ 6:28 pm

Thanks Darryl. That probably answered the “who” question. I’ve been told a rumor, but nothing I’ve tried to confirm.

That darn Garry for wanting us to donate to schools!!!!

#8 Chris Sparks
@ 7:38 pm

Why is Garry trying to help kids? Whats wrong with the guy?

#9 Larz CRM
@ 8:42 pm

It was indeed the Chicago Tribune that pulled the comic today. It is not the first time they have done so, either. Here is a write-up on it…

#10 Bill Holbrook
@ 8:35 am

That’s bizarre. I’ve placed QR codes in both Fastrack and Safe Havens without a problem.

#11 Mike Rhode
@ 2:06 pm

The strip had one for Doonesbury itself earlier in the week. I would imagine the charity is the issue for the paper.

#12 Jimmy Delach
@ 7:57 am

Here’s the Tribune’s write-up in Page 2 (Man I can’t believe I missed this; I thought it was Today’s (2/6 not 2/3) strip):

The “Doonesbury” cartoon is not running Friday. The comic strip broke from its satirical mission in order to deliver a direct fundraising appeal for a specific charity that the author favors. The Tribune’s editorial practices do not allow individuals to promote their self-interests.

I’ve never heard of any newspaper using that as an excuse before.

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