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Superbowl commercial brings 75+ cartoon characters together

METlife’s Superbowl commercial is on YouTube (see below) which features over 75 comic characters from the venerable pitch characters of Peanuts to Saturday Morning favorites. Mark Anderson broke the commercial down to a near frame-by-frame rate to catalog all of the cameos – both official and unofficial. He spotted at least one credit error and noticed one comic character who appears frequently but (hint, hint) he’s really hard to find. Watch the commercial to see if you can spot him then head over to Mark’s blog where he breaks it all down.

Community Comments

#1 Matthew Mayer
@ 12:27 pm

Great commercial! I can name almost every character. But where are the Simpsons?

#2 Stacy Curtis
@ 5:07 pm

Or the Flintstones since there are some Hanna-Barbera characters.

#3 John Hover
@ 10:14 pm

fantastic job with the commercial! bringing cartoon characters back into the spotlight.

#4 John Hover
@ 10:20 pm

maybe one day the cast of “Seafood” could be in a commmercial? Red (the redfish), Poboy (the speckled trout), Kajun (the crawfish), Kreole (the blue crab), Roux (the shrimp), Saint Huey (the oyter), and Fred the fisherman…

#5 MJ (Michael Pohrer)
@ 10:06 pm

Was glad to see this commercial! Kind of made me feel good about my final 2012 Super Bowl Champions Cartoon.

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