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10,000 downloaded R Stevens’ Diesel Sweeties iBook

Dieselt Sweeties creator R Stevens decided to create an eBook using Apple’s newly released iBook Author. The result was a month’s worth of comics that was outputted as a PDF ebook. He estimates that it was downloaded 10,000 times.

From GigaOm:

Response to the format has been “overwhelmingly positive,” Stevens said in a blog post, but there are some downsides. First, he says bandwidth required to provide the downloads is a problem, which could be overcome by selling the via the iBookstore, but that entails additional costs and operating within the confines of Apple’s marketplace. Stevens says this isn’t palatable since he “[doesn’t] like the idea of readers being geographically or economically restricted from downloading [his] comics.”

More details over at GigaOm.

Community Comments

#1 Mark_Tatulli
@ 12:11 pm

His mom must really like that book!

#2 daniel boris
@ 12:38 pm

Congrats, RS!

#3 David Jones
@ 2:04 pm

Very good to hear. I am looking at publishing one by the end of the summer. I bet I get at least 12 downloads…..

#4 donna lewis
@ 6:22 pm


#5 Scott Nickel
@ 2:10 pm

So that’s 10,000 paid or free downloads?

#6 Jeff Pert
@ 2:31 pm

Looks like it was free and termed an ‘experiment’. I don’t know much about iBooks, but if it IS possible to monetize without Apple taking a big bite (sorry), this might lead to something.

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