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Check out: Internationalized Zits

Jim Borgman has posted a write-up of what Zits looks like outside North America. Not acne, but the comic strip which is often renamed, recolored and republished in different formats in 27 countries and 15 different languages. Jim writes: The Zits foreign book publishing program has always been a bit of a mystery to me. […]

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Why Edison Lee isn’t on Amazon: It’s printed in USA

Anne Hambrock has reposted an excellent article detailing how she and her husband John went about self publishing their first collection of his strip The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee. She mentions that they’re not selling the book on Amazon and offers this as one of the reasons: Which is when I realized that we […]

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Tom Gammill releases another Learn To Draw

Lesson 31:

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Two men found guilty in plot to bomb Danish newspaper

Mikael Davud and Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak have been found guilty of plotting to bomb the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten back in 2010. David Jakobsen, the third man arrested in connection with the plot was cleared of terror charges but still was convicted of helping to acquire explosives. From MSNBC: Prosecutors said the Norwegian cell first […]

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Batiuk to release Complete Funky Winkerbean collection

Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk will be releasing the first volume of a Complete Funky Winkerbean collection this year. The collection is being released to coincide with the feature’s 40th anniversary. The first volume will contain cartoons from the years 1972-1974. At the time Tom was a jr. high school art teacher and the carton […]

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Baltimore Sun to hire KAL for weekly cartoon

The Baltimore Brew reports that The Baltimore Sun is in talks with its former editorial cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) to bring him back for a once-a-week cartoon. They contacted KAL for confirmation: “I have been in discussions with The Sun,” he wrote. “If all goes well, I would be starting [in] late February.” Kallaugher said […]

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Nast won’t be in New Jersey Hall of Fame

The Star-Ledger is reporting that for a third straight year, the legendary Thomas Nast will not be inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame after a few politicians and the Ancient Order of the Hibernians publicly objected to Nast’s anti-Irish and anti-Catholic views of his day. From the Star-Ledger: The main reason Nast went […]

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Susie Cagle arrested for second time and released

Last nights massive arrest of 400 Occupy Oakland protesters included for a second time graphic journalist Susie Cagle. According to Susie’s Twitter stream she was caught in the police kettle where at one point she was thrown down by police during a charge that left her “numb for 5 minutes.” Four other credentialed journalists were […]

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Video: Maurice Sendak appears on Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert visits with children’s book illustrator Maurice Sendak. Funny exchange. Warning: frequent use of the word “penis.” The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Via GoComics

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10,000 downloaded R Stevens’ Diesel Sweeties iBook

Dieselt Sweeties creator R Stevens decided to create an eBook using Apple’s newly released iBook Author. The result was a month’s worth of comics that was outputted as a PDF ebook. He estimates that it was downloaded 10,000 times. From GigaOm: Response to the format has been “overwhelmingly positive,” Stevens said in a blog post, […]

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Chris Britt laid off from State Journal-Register

Illinois Times is reporting that Chris Britt has been let go from his staff editorial cartoonist job at the State Journal-Register. “I was just informed,” Britt said. Britt, who began his career as an editorial cartoonist in 1990 and joined the State Journal-Register staff nine years later, said he wasn’t sure whether he was given […]

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Botswana cartoonist kicked out of court for drawing

Botswana cartoonist Stephen Gaongalelwe was removed from a court proceeding and his drawings confescated after security officers noticed him drawing during the court session. He was there on assignment by a newspaper editor and told he couldn’t get the drawings back without a letter from the editor describing the purpose of the drawings. According to […]

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Jeff Hook honored with Order of Australia

Former Herald Sun cartoonist Geoffrey “Jeff” Hook will be honored with a Medal of the Order of Australia for outstanding achievement and service. From the Herald Sun: But he believes the honour recognises all of Australia’s cartoonists for their efforts in shaping the political and news landscape of Australia. “It’s a tribute to the influence […]

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John Lara dies at the age of 57

Cartoonist and illustrator John Lara has passed away at an early age of 57. His cartoons appeared in many Southern California papers and nationally. Away from the drawing board, he served as master of ceremonies for the Brooks Street Surfing Classic and was a guest speaker for “Let’s Hook Up,” which referred to fishing in […]

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Interviewed: Tom Richmond

Over at Tall Tale Radio Tom Racine interviews NCS President, MAD Mag cartoonist and author Tom Richmond and discuss the new NCS award for “Best Online Comic,” his trip to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and his new book, “The Mad Art of Caricature.”

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