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Chris Britt laid off from State Journal-Register

Illinois Times is reporting that Chris Britt has been let go from his staff editorial cartoonist job at the State Journal-Register.

“I was just informed,” Britt said.

Britt, who began his career as an editorial cartoonist in 1990 and joined the State Journal-Register staff nine years later, said he wasn’t sure whether he was given a reason for his firing.

“They may have – I was just in a little bit of a daze,” Britt said. “Economic re-structuring, or something like that.”

The Times reports that the paper’s parent company owes $1 billion to creditors. Eleven people were reportedly laid off.

Chris is syndicated through Creators Syndicate.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 4:07 pm

Tragic. Best wishes.

#2 Milt Priggee
@ 4:32 pm

A race to the bottom….and newspapers are way out ahead…!

#3 Scott Stantis
@ 6:19 pm

This is a huge loss for Illinois and the profession. A talented and hard working commentator of local and state issues in the seat of state government. To silence this important voice borders on madness.

#4 John Cole
@ 8:16 am

Chris reliably is one of the hardest-hitting and hardest-working cartoonists out there. And there’s probably not another state capital more in need of a resident political cartoonist than Springfield. My thoughts are with him.

#5 Pedro Molina
@ 11:13 am

Sad news for the readers and the profession.

#6 b.j. dewey
@ 11:30 am

When you read about the newspaper’s awful financial status and it’s layoffs of copy editors and others, it’s a wonder it still exists. I’m sorry for Britt, for all those who were let go and especially for their readers.

#7 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:45 pm

Wow, that paper must have paid well if 11 people’s salary equals the $1 billion it owes!

#8 T. Brian Kelly
@ 3:46 pm

The shifting political landscape of Illinois is a lot quieter today, which in this state is a real bad thing. We need his voice and his work. I’m sure Chris will be OK, but I’m real sorry to hear how this happened to him. Hang in there, buddy. Another door will open in time.

#9 Stacy Curtis
@ 12:02 am

It sucks. For Chris. For the health of this dying profession. And for the readers of the newspaper. And for the people who benefited from having the voice of an editorial cartoonist in our state capitol.

The newspaper will go on without an editorial cartoonist, as many have learned to do, but it’s value has been cheapened.

Hang tough, Chris. There are many opportunities out there for your great talent.

#10 Mike Garman
@ 11:23 am

When all the dust settles, your cartoons will still be spot on..

#11 Drew Litton
@ 2:43 am

Honestly, if I hear one more story about one of the great editorial cartoonists in the country getting laid off I think my head will explode. Chris Britt deserves better. The profession itself deserves better. It’s time to put a stop to the madness. But I know, having had it confirmed by one of the greatest salesmen in the history of syndication, most editors wouldn’t know a great cartoon if it bit them on the ass. They wait and “follow the trends”. Well, they’ll follow the trends to oblivion. Britt will survive. Newspapers who dump cartoonists, not so much.

#12 Gary Markstein
@ 5:54 pm

Sad news about a wonderful, tough-hitting cartoonist. I know the news of being laid off can take the wind out of you Chris, but with your talent, I know you’ll survive.

#13 Steve Artley
@ 10:31 am

Very sorry to hear this. It’s sad for Chris and a great loss for us all.

#14 Peter Dunlap-Shohl
@ 2:32 pm

We know from his cartoons that Chris has courage, I wish him everything else he’ll need in making his way forward. Best,

#15 Chris Britt
@ 8:03 pm

Thank you all for your kind words of support.
GateHouse Media is a terrible company.
I feel sorry for all of my friends who remain at the paper and still have to work for these evil people

#16 Mike Peterson
@ 5:18 am

Time wounds all heels, Chris. I worked for Lee until I couldn’t take it anymore. The other day, I got a legal notice about their latest success — they’ve managed to drive the value of their stock below a dollar a share.

Sad for the industry, but it’s delightful to see a weasel become roadkill, and I’m sure you’ll get to see the same thing. And that you’ll be happier even before the news arrives, simply for not being there anymore.

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