Las Vegas Comic seminar adds Brian Crane

The Success in the World of Comics Seminar has made a line-up change. Due to a conflict Debbra Abeyta of Vertis is unable to present. Pickles creator Brian Crane has agreed to be one of the speakers. Brian is one of those genuinely nice guys. Glad to see that he’ll be presenting.

Bill Kellogg, the seminar organizer, also tells me that the “six-month payment plan” is still available for those wanting to attend but are tight on cash. Contact Bill for details.

For more details on the seminar visit Tundra’s website.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Comic seminar adds Brian Crane

  1. Great … this is going to be another really fun one. If you you’re on the fence on this all I can say is you will really enjoy it and meet lots of great folks and get some really good insights. That’s why I’m going again.

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