Profiled: Wiley Miller, Kennebunkport, and editors

The Bangor Daily News interviews Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller about his life in Kennebunkport, ME and his views on editors pulling comics.

“Editors are word people. A cartoon is an abstract,” he said. “Today [editors] seem to be so much more afraid of a quote offending anybody that their first reaction is to err on the side of caution. Since they can’t fix the copy in it, they just cancel it. This was just a straight gag, very innocuous. The cartoons that you think are going to raise some hackles quite often get nothing. The ones you don’t expect to sometimes evoke some rancor.”

4 thoughts on “Profiled: Wiley Miller, Kennebunkport, and editors

  1. Didn’t want to let this post go un-commented: I have no idea how I know or when I got to know WM but want to publicly say what a helluva nice guy he is, how grateful I am to him for his insight and how easy he makes it look -because it ain’t.

  2. There is a new cartoon in our local newspaper (?) titled ‘Phoebe & Her Unicorn’ that closely matches Non Sequitur’s characters ‘Danae & Lucy’, could this be a case of copyright infringement?? I fear so. Love Non Sequitur, hate Phoebe. The paper is ‘ The Times Record’ out of Ft. Smith, Ar.

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