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Jeff Stahler suspended as paper investigates cartoons

Steve Meyers of Poynter is now reporting that Jeff Staher has been suspended “indefinitely” until the paper can conduct an exhaustive investigation.

On a related note, Michael Cavna has talked to Robert Mankoff who is giving Jeff the benefit of the doubt.

“My guess is Stahler came up with the idea completely independently,” Mankoff told Comic Riffs. “I see things like this every week with different cartoonists submitting almost identical cartoons. Sometimes we’ve been on the other end of this being accused of plagiarism, when I know the cartoonist would never do that.

“It’s also possible that Stahler saw the Sipress cartoon and forgot completely about it and then came up with the idea thinking it was his. That also has happened,” Mankoff continued Monday. “Usually when it does, a little bell goes off warning you something is wrong – but not always.”

Community Comments

#1 Scott Nickel
@ 12:25 pm

I have a question: Alan, did you alert the paper to this situation? That’s what it sounds like in the article.

#2 Scott Nickel
@ 12:30 pm

Nevermind. Saw the link.

#3 David Jones
@ 1:41 pm

I have always loved Jeff Staher’s work… or whoever’s work it is… lol…. Seriously, I always have the fear that the stuff I am writing is actually something I read years ago. I seriously doubt Jeff did this on purpose.

Hang in there Jeff, everything will work out for you! If not and it all comes out that you did steal the material, you can go work as a writer for The Simpsons… all their material is just rehashed jokes now……..

#4 rodd perry
@ 4:21 pm

Alan – if you blow the whistle on me, I want my money back.

#5 JW Wills
@ 11:44 pm

I don’t think Mr. Gardner will be on the Staher family’s Christmas card list this year.

#6 Clay Jones
@ 12:35 pm

The Xmas card would look like a Mike Lester Xmas card.

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