New Angry bird webcomic launched for holidays

They took over Halloween. Why not Christmas too?

Via Robot6

10 thoughts on “New Angry bird webcomic launched for holidays

  1. Am I missing something?

    I don’t play the game, but I hope it isn’t as dull as this script. Looks like it was written by a committee and not a cartoonist…

  2. Each of the birds are launched at defenses that pigs have set up after stealing their eggs. Each bird is a different color and has a specific trick that they use to destroy the pigs when you launch them from the catapult / slingshot.

    That is about as deep as any story gets with the game. It’s a fun game but this is obviously a cheap cash-in.

  3. It’s a little depressing that such a simplistic game whose game play concept is as old as dirt is so popular right now. Sure it’s cute and fun but MAN they are just merchandizing the crap out of it!

  4. Creating a comic around an already successful commercial product is nothing new. The purpose of such cartoons is pretty simple: 1) entertain the existing fan base; and 2) entice new customers to buy your product.

    Personally, I think the art here is better than your average web comic. I can’t vouch for the writing because I’ve never played the game.

    The level playing ground of the web is an interesting factor. Whereas you may read a Tony the Tiger comic on a Frosted Flakes box, you’d never see it printed alongside syndicated newspaper strips … Unless Kellogg’s bought the space as an ad.

    But even then, the purpose of the feature would be pretty obvious.

  5. I think the art is great. But worrying about others, and what to get for Christmas… not exactly “angry”.

    They should put those birds in holiday traffic, or the mall this time of year. That would anger them up quick.

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