Second Tintin movie planned before first opens in US

Indie Wire reports that a second TinTin movie is already in the works before the first has yet to open here in the U.S.

It seems like the domestic success or failure of ‘Tintin,’ which doesn’t open on our shores until December 21st, isn’t even a factor at this point – they’re moving forward whether or not Americans get behind the movie. It’s kind of a ballsy move but it also sort of reminds us of Luc Besson making those awful ‘Arthur & the Invisible’ animated movies in France even though the first one bombed here.

I don’t know if it’s ballsy. In the big scheme of things, by the time a script is written (February or March of next year), they’ll know if there is a market for the second film. If it does well, then they’re well on their way to get the film into Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg schedules. Otherwise, the script gets filed away.

One thought on “Second Tintin movie planned before first opens in US

  1. Fortunately the World is a place more big than the U.S., fortunately since a few years the overseas market is more important than the U.S. boxoffice results. Tintin is currently a big international hit.

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