More NCS Reuben weekend reflections

More attendees of the Reuben Award weekend have posted:

Sunday’s Non Sequitur has Wiley Miller’s take on the Reubens.

Anne Hambrock has posted cell phone video footage of one of Tom Gammill’s short videos presented to the attendees. Tom was the master of ceremonies. Can’t wait to see the final release from Tom.

Stephan Pastis visited MIT while in Boston.

More to come.


Kelly McNutt has posted photos of his adventures – including a trip to Fenway Park.

5 thoughts on “More NCS Reuben weekend reflections

  1. The Reubens look so interesting, I’m not sure what Angle Wiley Miller is going with this comic, is he just mocking The awards in general, or that this was the first year some cartoonists were finally invited (Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub etc)

  2. He’s just poking fun at the ability of the NCS rank-and-file as a whole to put away the booze. There wasn’t a single bottle of any sort of beverage left after we descended upon the open bar. I’ve often described the NCS to non-cartoonist friends (yes, I do have one or two) as “a drinking club with a drawing problem”…

  3. …. can’t wait for the National Stif Shirt Cartoonist Society to come down off it’s east coast elitists format, and start having out-door events,no, suits ,no shoes , no shirts, just yer basic down home Bozo’s, out of their cells ,have’n a good time,in nature, were they don’t spend enough time, because of the demands of the trade…don’t give up yer job at the Ambulance company to make a living at it…

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