Profiled: Richard Thompson in Charlotte

Richard Thompson continues to get positive press after winning this year’s Rueben. He was down in Charlotte this weekend for the Heroes Con and the Charlotte Observer wrote up a profile.

A lifelong suburbanite, he’s happy with the lifestyle. From soccer league ordeals to the rituals of school, his experiences provide storylines for the strips.

“Petey is the immovable object; Alice is the irresistible force,” says Thompson. “Nothing bothers Alice. Petey is the opposite. He swims in a pretty small tank.”

One thought on “Profiled: Richard Thompson in Charlotte

  1. The Observer’s profile nicely touches on this wonderful comic and its creator and his struggles with Parkinson’s. I love the strip and wonder if, in this very special case, it wouldn’t be possible to forgo daily deadlines and run the strip, say, every other day and maybe Sundays, to make it easier for Thompson to continue the quality. I would not mind seeing it fewer times a week if it were necessary, but I suppose business considerations come first?

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