Foreskin Man? Really?

From the NY Daily News:

LOS ANGELES – A politically motivated comic book pitting a blond superhero called “Foreskin Man” against a sinister-looking “Monster Mohel” is causing a serious flap in California.

The colorful series was created by the “intactivist” group as part of its campaign to ban circumcision through ballot initiatives.

18 thoughts on “Foreskin Man? Really?

  1. Not as exciting as deciding who can’t draw but, this is noteworthy: a comic book being used to advance anti circumcision agenda. You can’t make this stuff up but I wonder, where’s the pro-choice crowd?

    More important, what do Jews have to do w/ the latest loony push to outlaw circumcision? In America, over 90 per cent of circumcised men are NON-Jewish. Around the world, 70 per cent of circumcised men are Muslim.

    If we’re going to throw religion into a debate that doesn’t need it, then the statistics suggest it would be more accurate for FORESKIN MAN to be trimming the “minarets” of the children from the Religion of Peace, not Jews, in a comic book.

    -Except of course, that would alert FATWA MAN.

  2. Wow. That’s really unbelievable. I’m betting once Monster Mohel mutilates innocent babies, he rapes Christian girls and stabs Germany in the back. I guess this puts to rest any doubts about whether San Francisco’s anti-circumcision movement is anything more than blatant anti-semitism. Hopefully, this will convince the good citizens of San Francisco to can this moronic proposal once and for all.

  3. @Terry & Terri: to be anti-circumcision does not make one anti-anything else. Wise up ladies!!!

  4. @Moe: Uh…did you read the article and look at the images? I’m not talking about the circumcision issue, I’m talking about blatant religious offensiveness.
    (and one of us is not a lady)

  5. Terry,
    I guess in Vol.2, Monster Mohel (and his soon to be revealed ward and sidekick Carnard Boy) seize control of Hollywood, the media and the banking and stand up comedian industries. Does Foreskin Man then beat the hell out of them all next November on Zähnennacht (The Night of Broken Teeth)?

    Whoever wrote and drew this thing needs some serious couch time.

  6. @ Moe To be anti-circumcision does not make one anti-anything else. To draw a villainous, baby-mutilating character dressed in Jewish ritual garb called “Monster Mohel” does.

    And not only am I male, I fit right in in the synagogue men’s room.

  7. And by the way, does anyone else find it ironic that San Francisco, a city with more tattooed, pierced, tribal-earringed and otherwise body-altered people per capita than anywhere else in the US, if not the world, may be voting on a bill to ban circumcision because it’s “mutilation”?

  8. @ Mike Lester,
    The joke is that, depending on the shape of Anthony Weiner’s head, Foreskin Man may need to beat the hell out of him.

  9. @Mike Lester: I read the article on the proposed ban and the NY Daily News article, I just don’t think Foreskin Man is really meant to be a hero anyone wants to rally behind (and I shudder to think what kind of powers and gadgets he might have). Haven’t read the comic, but from the excerpts and description in the article it seems calculated to be ridiculous.

    Then again, I thought the same thing the first time I read the infamous Chick Tracts

  10. I was laughing from the minute I heard the hero’s name until I got to the panel where the Jewish stereotypes burst through the door with leers and automatic weapons. The artist, Gledson Barreto, is a Brazilian working with the Ed Benes Studio; his blog is filled with sketches of spandex male superheros and buxom women without waists. Nothing like “Monster Mohel.”
    I was offended by it, and wrote a sarcastic, pointed post on “Pen Grenades.” This comic will drive out all rational discussion of a topic that was already barely rationally discussed.

  11. The comic parody, Smegna Man Gets Circumcised, (published at is a lot funnier; has a great plot; and passes along sound information about the medical and cosmetic benefits of the procedure? and, in the end, the villains meet a very appropriate end.

    Ed Margolis

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