Tom Toles takes 2011 Herblock Award

The Herblock Foundation has announced that this year’s winner is Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles. Tom has been with the Post since 2002, taking the reins from Herblock himself who retired in 2001. Previous to the Post, Toles worked for The Buffalo News, The Buffalo Courier-Express, The New York Daily News, The New Republic magazine, and US News and World Report.

The Foundation also named a finalist, a first this year. That honor went to Ann Telnaes who does animated editorial cartoons for the Post.

Tom will receive $15,000 tax-free and a trophy in a ceremony on April 26th.

5 thoughts on “Tom Toles takes 2011 Herblock Award

  1. Wow! You do realize how close Toles and Telnaes must have been for them to also announce a finalist. But not surprising they were close considering both are a couple of greats.

  2. Congratulations to Tom on his win and to Ann for her immeasurably close second (“…by a hair…or a .3 Micron line,” as stated by judges Signe Wilkinson and Matt Wuerker)!

  3. Congratulations, Tom and Ann! Wish I could go to the awards ceremony this year?an insanely awesome event.

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