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Behind the judging for the Herblock award

ComicsDC’s Mike Rhode has posted a response from Signe Wilkinson and Matt Wuerker regarding how the judging went down this year for the Herblock Award.

In the spirit of transparency, we’d like to lift the veil a little on the thinking that went into our judging this year. Think of this as a little WikiLeak of what happened on the path to awarding the 2011 Herblock Prize.

Before the judging, it was agreed that this year the finalist would also be recognized. We knew the job was to come up with two top cartoonists.

We had a great, broad sampling of political cartooning today: lots of traditional single-panel cartoons, plenty of stellar “altie” work, a number of great ventures into cartoon journalism and, of course, the animation submissions. We even had cartoons rendered with actual oil from the BP spill.

Head over to Rhode’s blog to read who’s submissions were in the running.

Community Comments

#1 Shannon Wheeler
@ 3:28 pm

link to rhode’s blog?

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 4:39 pm

Linked. Sorry for the oversight.

#3 Shannon Wheeler
@ 1:26 am

Cool. Thank you. I genuinely wanted to read more…

#4 Steve Artley
@ 7:04 am

Thanks, Mike for providing this insightful glimpse behind the curtain. Signe and Matt had quite the challenge, but did an outstanding job with establishing criteria that honors the best of our profession.

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