Michael Jantze to teach new media class at Schulz Museum

Cartoonist and animator Michael Jantze is teaching a Master Class on January 8th at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The subject is New Media and Michael will delve into iPads, online animation, web comics, and more. Michael is well suited for this class, he currently teaches art and animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design and started Jantze Studios which produced the award winning “Mr. Lux: At Your Service” (see below) as well as animated versions of print comics such as Zits, Baby Blues, and The Norm

See the Charles M. Schulz Museum website for more info.

3 thoughts on “Michael Jantze to teach new media class at Schulz Museum

  1. Wish I could go! Michael is one smart and funny guy and I’d bet good money that this would be a great class to attend. Any chance this class would be headed up to Seattle anytime soon?

  2. It would be cool to be able to interact with the Cartoons one day on IPOD or whatever media…my son has a cat on his ipod that does some crazy things, if you rub the cats belly on the screen he purrs..if you tap him a couple of times he falls down can you imagine if you were able to play with your favorite cartoon character?…LOL..i would luv to play with Betty Boop if u know what I mean…

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