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Cartoonists who passed away in 2010

We’re moving quickly into 2011, but a few blog posts are still recounting the goings on of 2010. Three have posted lists of who passed away last year having some connection to the cartooning arts.

Daryl Cagle posts the names of editorial cartoonists and samples of their work.

Michael Cavna posts his 10 greats.

Mike Rhode has posted what is probably the comprehensive list those who had a connection to comic strips, editorial cartoons and magazine cartoons.

Not quite as extensive as Mike’s, but here are the individuals passing’s that I reported on.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 4:28 pm

Also, let’s give in memoriam to these comic strips that ended their runs in 2010: Raising Hector, State of the Union, Annie, My Cage, and Cathy.

#2 Mike Rhode
@ 5:51 pm

Just to set the record straight, DD Degg compiled the list that he let me publish on ComicsDC.

#3 Rob Leigh
@ 8:58 pm

Jonny Rench, a talented young colorist passed away at the age of 28 in October. I worked with him on some projects for Wildstorm (an imprint of DC Comics). Never met him, but his work was beautiful.

#4 Liza Donnelly
@ 12:15 pm

Don’t forget Leo Cullum of The New Yorker!

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