Jan Eliot’s Stone Soup turns 15 tomorrow

Not only is Jan Eliot’s Stone Soup the top selling Cathy replacement – it’s also hitting a major milestone: 15 years in syndication.

Stone Soup debuted on November 20, 1995.

Congrats, Jan!

16 thoughts on “Jan Eliot’s Stone Soup turns 15 tomorrow

  1. Happy Birthday Stone Soup! It’s nice to know we share the same birthday! Only thing is, I wish our ages were the same because I’ll be 40 years old tomorrow.

  2. Big Congratulations, Jan! So glad you are also adding to your client list too! We wish you many, many more years of success!

  3. I’ve enjoyed Stone Soup for many years on a rather archaic fashion…in “print.” It is contained in a content-delivery method called a “newspaper.” (Some of you old-timers might remember them.) But seriously, Jan–you’ve been doing great work, and I always look forward to the next day’s strip. Congratulations!

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