Guy Endore-Kaiser proposes in the funnies


A bit late on this one, but a heartfelt congratulations to Guy Endore-Kaiser who popped the question to his girlfriend Renee Robichaux in the November 13th Brevity.

From a News-Press article:

“We’ve been together almost five years and I’ve been doing the strip for about five years. I didn’t know the particulars of where to do (propose) until recently, but I probably decided about two years ago that this would be the way to do it,” he said.

“We like Santa Barbara and Bacara’s there, so I decided that would be a good place to go for the weekend.”

To Ms. Robichaux, the getaway was supposedly made possible by friends in the product placement business who invited the comics man and his lawyer girlfriend along after receiving two free rooms in exchange for getting Bacara into a movie.

At the last minute, so the yarn goes, the other couple would have to back out, leaving Mr. Endore-Kaiser and Ms. Robichaux on their own.

When Saturday morning rolled around, a newspaper would be delivered with breakfast and, as she always does, Ms. Robichaux would read her beau’s strip.

That’s when Mr. Endore-Kaiser would make his move.

“I’ll be in a bathrobe and come out of the bathroom with the ring,” Mr. Endore-Kaiser said, envisioning how it would play out. “It should mirror the strip pretty exactly.”

By the way, Renee said yes.

Brevity is the brain child of Guy and Rodd Perry (the artist of the two).

11 thoughts on “Guy Endore-Kaiser proposes in the funnies

  1. Now THAT’S a cool way to propose!

    I wonder if any readers found a bald guy in a bathrobe offensive? And she’s in a bathrobe too and they are sharing a room and obviously they are not married because he’s proposing, so clearly pre-marital nookie has taken place.

    I predict several lost Southern newspapers.

  2. The best possible outcome, Guy, would be if you both combined surnames.

    Endore-Kaiser-Robichaux: You’d sound like heirs to the Austro-Hungarian empire….just sayin’.

    (…also: Congratulations!)

  3. Congratulations Guy!

    If for some reason you ever decide to break things off, I wouldn’t recommend using this strategy again.

    Seriously, awesome proposal, all the best to you and Renee!

  4. I remember reading this one and thinking, “I don’t get it.” NOW I get it! Congrats to Guy & Renee! And I guess to Rodd too for actually drawing the thing.

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