WPWG to launch Reply All by Donna A. Lewis

Washington Post Writers Group is launching Donna A. Lewis’ Reply All on February 28. Donna’s strip is described as an exploration of the “value of honesty, the power of knowledge and the impact of a bad-hair day on one’s self-perception.”

Donna is a D.C. attorney by profession. Her first foray into cartooning was a web comic she created entitled “Crazed Angels.”

Lewis comes from “an annoyingly funny family” that provides material faster than she can “translate it into a written product.” Now, she says, “The years of listening to their absurd notions about the world are finally providing value to my life.” Lewis assures us that no family members were harmed in the creation of this strip,and some names were left unchanged in order to incriminate those deserving of such.

Samples have not yet been posted the Post Writers Group site, but you can see her work online.

12 thoughts on “WPWG to launch Reply All by Donna A. Lewis

  1. Be sure to let us know which papers make the astute decision to pick up your strip. I’m going to have to insist on getting a signed copy.

  2. Donna’s Reply All cartoons are like M&M tiny tidbits that make you want more. I follow her on Facebook and cannot wait until I can get my dose on the Washington Post!

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