Sarah Palin comic book coming in December

Bluewater Productions is releasing a second Sarah Palin comic book in December.

Female Force: Sarah Palin, Act 2 focuses on Palin’s life after the 2008 presidential elections. The book examines the reasons behind Palin’s increasing celebrity, and the threat that she might pose to both Democrats and mainstream Republicans should she decide to run in 2012.

“You can’t help but admire Sarah Palin for her tenacity and her ability to find the spotlight wherever she goes,” says Dan Rafter, the writer behind Female Force: Sarah Palin, Act 2. “The reaction she received for her big Tea Party speech is just one example of the passion that Palin ignites in her fans. It’s hard for me to imagine someone like Mitt Romney generating that kind of electricity.”

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin comic book coming in December

  1. Yes I can help admiring her. One thing’s for sure though most of the comic has been written by hers truly. If she does run it’ll be an entertaining presidential election at least.

  2. I’m a conservative, but I’m not feeling it with Sarah. Too much “celebrity” mixing with politics. We need less flash and more people who are actually going to DO something for the American people. I’ll take substance over glitz anyday.

  3. She is a living cartoon character…so it makes sense she’d evenually end up in a comic book….I wonder who her humorous sidekick will be? They’ll have alot of competition from her…she’s a bit of a joke ove here in Australia…mind you we have a few useless politicians who could give her a run for her money…

  4. My band wrote a song about her called “Leave her alone”. We mailed her a copy of the song and she wrote back thanking us. I look forward to buying the book in December. πŸ™‚

  5. ?You can?t help but admire Sarah Palin for her tenacity and her ability to find the spotlight wherever she goes,?

    Statements like that drive me crazy.

    Sarah Palin’s celebrity says absolutely nothing about her, and EVERYTHING about us.

  6. Aw man, could I get involved in this ? I REALLY have her nailed in the face department, and have that “Momma Dominatrix” bod ala R. Crumb, too.

    Ted…I believe she was built in a laboratory with spare parts: Anita Bryant’s torso…Clare Booth Luce’s limbs…Anne Coulter’s cojones’….and Ayn Rand’s alcohol pickled brain. Then they injected the frame with a combination of Robert Heinlein’s and Douglas MacArthur’s bodily fluids.

    We need to give her super-powers, though… a blinding narcissism that turns ordinary people into fat zombies? …Linguistic prowess that are hidden magic spells ?

    Any other suggestions ?

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