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Matt Davies laid off from Journal News

Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Davies has been laid off from The Journal News along with others according to his Facebook account. Not much has been made public about the layoff. I’ve called the paper and they’ve confirmed that Matt is no longer at the paper suggesting that the layoff was immediate. I’ll report details as they become available.

Matt barely survived an early lay-off last year when after receiving his pink slip his editor convinced Gannett to revive the position.

Matt won the Pulitzer Prize and the Herblock award in 2004.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Peterson
@ 12:11 pm

I believe the traditional response is something in line with “What? And give up show business?”

There is Life After Gannett.

#2 Jeff P.
@ 12:20 pm

It’s sad the editorial cartoon is a dying art, and just when we need it the most.

#3 mike peters
@ 12:36 pm

Matt, You’re a great cartoonist and you will land on your feet. This is a lousy time for journalism but the secret is keep doing your fabulous work. Content will always be needed , greatness always rises to the top and journalism will find its way, we just have to stay alive until it happens. Best to you my friend .

#4 Milt Priggee
@ 12:46 pm

The ‘profession’ of staff newspaper editorial cartooning has been dead for quite some time….whereas the ‘art’ will live on forever.

#5 Milt Priggee
@ 12:49 pm

Matt is one of the best in the business….period.
Hang in there, friend…!

#6 Pedro Molina.
@ 1:25 pm

Cartooning is not dead, smart newspaper management, that’s another thing…

#7 Jeff Darcy
@ 1:37 pm

John Boehner says he’s going to create jobs. So I look
forward too him naming Matt “House Cartoonist”

#8 Steve Artley
@ 2:39 pm

Matt, Sorry to hear this infuriating news! But, you are one of the best in the business, and new opportunities are sure to sprout soon. Hang in there, pal.

#9 Jeff Darcy
@ 2:57 pm

The paper is trying to stay alive, so of course it makes perfect
marketing sense to lay-off the Pulitzer winner on staff. If Gannett
owned the Giants you get the feeling they’d lay-off Manning.
Pedro hit the nail on the head

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