Mark Parisi cartoons in Unstoppable movie

I’m told that one or more of Mark Parisi’s cartoons might be the movie “Unstoppable.” Mark tells me the studio approached him to secure rights for “Off the Mark” so they could use it in the background of a scene. It’s not guaranteed the the scene made it into the final release or where in the movie they will appear. Mark tells me he’ll definitely go and see the movie, but, “I’m going to completely miss the plot as I scan the background of every scene.”

The movie opens this weekend and stars Denzel Washington.

14 thoughts on “Mark Parisi cartoons in Unstoppable movie

  1. Congrats to Mark!

    I had the same sort of thing happen for an episode of the “Roseanne” TV show. When it aired, I was probably the only person in the world who noticed that Darlene was reading one of my books.

  2. Cool Mark! Hope it makes it to the final! Congrats.

    Randy – that’s fun. Do you know what episode?

    I was approached once by animal planet to use a cartoon, but when it wasn’t going to be for free “for the exposure” they said nevermind.

  3. I remember in the film Stakeout one of the cop characters was reading Calvin and Hobbes and said out loud ” this Calvin and Hobbes is really funny!”……….I always wondered if Bill Watterson got paid for that. Is there an acceptable use limit for things like this where you don’t have to paid?

  4. That’s always fun. The tv show “Outsourced” uses a ton of stuff that I worked on at my former employer. And a few items I designed were on Jay Leno, as well.

    Rich – yeah, no one will pay you to use your cartoon as a prop. It’s not really usage in the fact that the cartoon is the main focus – it’s just background filler. Next time reconsider your stance.

  5. Yes, they paid for the right to include some of my train cartoons in the background. I’m going to see the movie tonight and will let you know if I spot any.

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