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Video: Sketch-a-thon at Schulz Museum

Last week I reported that 16 cartoonist were going to be at the Charles M. Schulz museum for one of the 60th anniversary commemorative events. The museum has released a 90 second vide of the sketch-up. Graphic Novelist Brian Fies was one of the 16 cartoonists and he’s written a post about his experience there.

H/T: Mike Lynch

Community Comments

#1 Scott Kurtz
@ 12:02 pm

AWW! I wish I could have been there.

#2 Stacy Curtis
@ 12:43 pm

Looks like fun!

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 4:00 pm

Me too.

#4 B.J. Dewey
@ 12:35 pm

Fies’s account of his experience was wonderful and his cartoon tribute to Schulz simply beautiful. It’s all there – tree-eating kite, pumpkin patch, sagging Christmas tree, psychiatric booth, doghouse, football, and Charlie B. with bat and ball nearby taking it all in. I feel we’re all CB taking in all those great memories.

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