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Jean Schulz profiled in SF Chronicle

Charles M. Schulz widow, Jean Schulz, is profiled and interviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle regarding her life after her husband’s death and her role in tending to Sparky’s legacy.

Q: Ten years after he passed, are you still learning new things about your husband?

A: Absolutely. I was always doing my own things. He liked encouragement and support, but not someone meddling in details. Now I’m condemned to relive all these things over and over again, because I didn’t learn it the first time. When he was alive, we were taking it all for granted – you saw a funny strip and you knew another one was coming out tomorrow. And you didn’t pay attention to how today’s might fit into his body of work. Now we go back and find things, and I read strips and it’s like I’ve never seen them.

I don’t want to say the last 10 years have been an awakening, because I always felt that he was a genius. But the last 10 years have been a really wonderful experience for me. And without me realizing it, this museum has been the forum for me to explore all these things.

Community Comments

#1 Scott Kurtz
@ 12:00 pm

Meeting Jeannie in February was the highlight of the year for me and my family. She is the most unassuming, sweetest person I have ever met in my life.

Plus I think she’s sweet on my dad. I know he’s sweet on her.

#2 Scott Metzger
@ 5:03 pm

Here?s the link to the article:

#3 Rick Schmitz
@ 5:02 pm

Yup. Jeannie is the best of the best.

#4 Tom Heintjes
@ 7:23 am

Upon meeting and observing Jeannie at numerous Reuben Awards over the years, my wife said she would like to age with the same grace and style that Jeannie has. She’s a wonderful woman.

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