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Moleskine releases limited edition Peanuts notebook

Those who are fans of the Moleskine notebook might be interested in the new limited edition Peanuts notebooks. The notebook comes in two sizes and in both ruled and plain styled paper.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are given top billing on the silkscreen printed covers, whilst the anniversary logo is debossed on every notebook. The interior features illustrations of the characters with inspiring quotes, a set of stickers, and a family tree tracking all possible connections among the whole Peanuts gang, their love crushes, their likes and dislikes.

Notebook appear to cost about $15.

Community Comments

#1 Adam Casalino
@ 12:44 pm

It looks like these are only being offered in Japan (or the links on the Moleskin sight go to Japan stores).

How come?

#2 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 3:57 pm


#3 Stacy Curtis
@ 10:29 pm

You’ll be able to buy them from Barnes & Noble soon.

#4 Adam Casalino
@ 11:25 am

oh yeah. that’ll be great. i always fought with justifying paying so much for such a small notebook/sketchbook. but seeing snoopy on it may just push me over.

#5 Ben McCormick
@ 9:37 am

The worst part of it is that I’m likely to pick one up but I’ll probably never use it not wanting to “mess it up” with my sketches.

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