Stabbing at Comic-Con Universal panel

One San Diego Comic-Con attendee was taken away in a stretcher after being stabbed near the eye by another attendee
. The alleged dispute was over a saved seat in the “Resident Evil” panel. Police were able to subdue and arrest the attacker who reportedly stated that he was only defending himself.

Comic Book Resources has the best summary of the incident.

Here’s a citizen journalist’s attempt to put it all together.

13 thoughts on “Stabbing at Comic-Con Universal panel

  1. It would have been hilarious if this had been ‘web cartoonist on print cartoonist’ violence.

    The print guy would probably win though, as they actually have calligraphy pens with metal nibs that can actually be used as stabbing weapons.

    Web guys would be attacking with Wacom tablets and large monitors while trying to create new layers on the other guys @$$.

    That just aint’ gonna do a lot of damage…

  2. …the attacker who reportedly stated, in perfect Klingon, that he was only defending himself…

  3. That was good, Shane.

    I imagine the Wacom tablet guy screaming, “I’m going to ‘apple-Z’ your @$$.”

  4. You guys are ALL slow so I’ll say THE best line for this incident..

    San Diego Comic-Con attendee proves once again…THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.”

    Depending on what seat was in question…another headline might be…

    San Diego Comic-Con attendee is arrested over seat-saving incident. Police state the seat is still missing and the police have nothing to go on.


    San Diego Comic-Con attendee signs contract to save a seat, loses his seat and his mind, and decides to dot all the “eyes”.


    San Diego Comic-Con attendee uses pen and lands in same. Now he’s just a comic con.

  5. This year has really driven home for me the notion that the Comic-Con is waaaayyyy over-hyped. This is the sort of thing that happens when the cognoscenti start getting overrun by the condescendi.

  6. The guy in handcuffs was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt.

    Obviously, the stabbee in question must have provoked the clearly defensive action by muttered something inciteful such as “Ravenclaw sucks wand!” or “Hufflepuffers can puff my huffle!”

    Without question, this is a case of justifiable force in the act of defending one’s imaginary witch house.

    tThe grand jury should without doubt issue a ‘no bill’ and the case should be dismissed immediately. In fact, the defendant should be released and out in time for “Chuck” tonight. I hear his mom’s making his favorite ‘Magic Meatloaf and Bewitched Beet’ dinner again, too!

  7. But think of the ticket sales! And Don KIng! Ted, Sorry we didn’t get to talk at Comic-Con. I would have loved to get to know you better. Best of Luck in Afghanistan. Do great stuff like you always do.

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