Garry Trudeau Talks About 40 years of Doonesbury

Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau talks about past, present and future of Doonesbury in this promotional video for his upcoming book “40”.

“40” is due out in October of this year. It’s a massive collection on par with The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and The Complete Far Side. almost 700 pages and will cost you $100. You can pre-order from Amazon right now and get a pre-order price guarantee price of $63.00.

10 thoughts on “Garry Trudeau Talks About 40 years of Doonesbury

  1. Can’t stand the guy’s uber-lefitist slant and frequent outright falsehoods when attacking those he wants to demonize, but politics aside, you gotta admire a guy that can go four decades and stay fairly original. His artwork got a heck of a lot better over the years, too.

    But one question. Am I wrong to admire Uncle Duke?

  2. But one question. Am I wrong to admire Uncle Duke?

    Oh boy. You are going to have SO much fun when you finally embrace your inner Duke. Please, please, lock the guns up first though. For the safety of the rest of us.

    And remember – A red convertible, pump the tires up to around 100 psi so it corners well, watch out for the bats, and there’s nothing so depraved as someone in the depths of an ether binge.

  3. Garry Trudeau is an amazing guy…the most gracious cartoonist I’ve ever met, and that’s saying something. And 40 years later, he still brings it big time to the funny pages; relevant and newsworthy. I don’t know one other comic stripper that can do that after so many years.

  4. Tom,
    LOL! I’ll do that if you embrace your inner Billy Sunday, deal?

    And I might have to disagree on your last point…my last Der Wienerschnitzel chili dog binge was profoundly depraved. I’m still ashamed.

    And smiling. But that might be just the gas…

  5. Gerry Trudeau does not draw his strip, he only writes it. I heard it was an artist down in Texas that does the art.. Am I correct? If so why is everyone praising him for his “art?”

  6. That’s not entirely accurate, Bob. Garry doesn’t INK the strip.

    He still pencils everything (I’ve seen the sketches, they are VERY tight and almost finished). He has someone else do the inking for him.

  7. Not a fan but Trudeau is the Gold Standard for what a cartoonist should be- fresh, funny and relevant.

    I think he’s a pompous elitist but if anyone ever deserved a Pulitzer for cartooning- he did (and deserves another.)

    Few people work as hard as he does. You want to know how it’s done- watch Trudeau and his company.

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