David Horsey creating short cartoon, photo series

The Seattle Post Globe reports that SeattlePI.com cartoonist David Horsey has signed with MSNBC to create “a series of short cartoon and photo films.” The History Channel has funded the first round of shorts, with David now looking for funding for the next phase.

As envisioned by LeVine and Horsey, the short films would capture a particular American place or journey with cartoons, photographs, and audio narration. They’d already experimented with the medium together through a film on a Washington road trip, and they wanted to expand the idea. The series was named “Escape Into America.”

For Horsey, the project seemed appealing because he’d never incorporated sound with his images. He thought the series would stretch his own abilities as a story teller.

“I’ve been doing editorial cartoons for a long time,” Horsey said. “It’s nice to try something entirely different.”

Here are a couple of the ones already produced.