Missed interviews: Hilary Price and Patrick McDonnell

While I was out on vacation last week, a couple of interviews were published. The Washington Post featured a live chat with Rhymes With Orange creator Hilary Price.

PBS’ Religion & Ethics Newsweekly featured an interview with Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell regarding his work’s spirituality.

2 thoughts on “Missed interviews: Hilary Price and Patrick McDonnell

  1. In his interview, Patrick McDonnell, I think, captures the significance of, and need for, cartoons in our daily lives when he says “Cartoons help you slow down…”

    Comics also are referred to in some newspapers as “diversions.” Some people refer to them as “distractions.” It’s probably all the same thing – a chance to stop and catch your breath, take on a new perspective, enter another world (of the imagination), gain some understanding, have some fun and, above all, laugh. It’s nothing new, just something to always remember. Somehow, McDonnell’s strip, “Mutts,” with its emphasis on the “simple” things in life, brings this out more than most.

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