Something new is coming…

I thought I was being sneaky. I am building out a new section of the blog called “The Water Cooler.” Think of it as a blog posts about any topic that might be of interest to our community that may/may not be related to cartooning. Many-a-times I come across something bizarre or cool and want to share it with you all, but since it’s not cartooning related I don’t post it.

And I’m betting that you come across those things too.

So tonight I started playing around with the blog and posted three items – filler stuff mostly. No one was to see it. Items filed for the The Water Cooler shouldn’t/don’t appear on the homepage. But then I forgot one thing. Anything that is posted (regardless of category) is automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter. So much for my clandestine efforts.

So, since our good friend Howard Tayler has already started commenting on the posts, I figure why not put it out there now?

The section is open for anyone who wants to post something. You have to have a TDC account (most of the active users already do). If you don’t have an account and this is something you want to participate in, please email me and I’ll set you up an account.

I’ll be polishing it up in the next couple of weeks, but hope it becomes something worth keeping an eye on.


8 thoughts on “Something new is coming…

  1. I never understand why people get all heated when it comes to religion and politics. It’s obvious that we should all be Zoroastrian Snake Handling Communists. I mean, c’mon.

  2. @stacy – hmmmmm. Maybe I’d better think this one through a bit more. I guess I envisioned this to be a bit more light hearted feature – like sharing youtube videos and links to bizarre stories.

    Maybe I’ll put a ban on politics and religion. This is supposed to be a bonus feature – not a buzz killer.

  3. Sorry to tip your hand early. But… PIRATES! That was too awesome to not comment on. Also, I had no idea it wasn’t visible elsewhere.

  4. Individual publications necessarily censor all the time. Otherwise, the nutcases dominate the forums.

    I say this, of course, as a nutcase.

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