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Members of UK’s Pirate party can vote in pirate attire

Members of UK’s Pirate party can vote in pirate attire.

Westminster Council?s Nigel Tonkin, who has been organizing elections for 35 years, has been commenting to the BBC on the do?s and don?t at the polling station. He confirmed that party insignia and emblems are not allowed, but that Pirate Party voters are free to show up in a pirate costume.

?There?s a candidate standing in Westminster as a pirate. And if he comes in to vote in a pirate costume as is likely, we won?t turn him away. The same goes for any supporters coming to vote as pirates.? Parrots and other pets are also welcome at the polling stations, Tonkin said.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Tayler
@ 6:57 pm

Okay, I’m moving to the UK.

#2 R Pyle
@ 8:36 am

I just want to tell people I’m in the Pirate Parrrrrrty.

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