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Futurama to return on June 24

Comedy Central has announced that Matt Groening’s Futurama will be returning to air on June 24th of this year.

Here’s the released teaser:

Futurama Weeknights, 9p/8c
New Episodes on Comedy Central
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Community Comments

#1 Karyl Miller
@ 11:50 am

I can’t wait!

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 3:44 pm

Sweet. Futurama was always one of my rave favs.

#3 Shane Davis
@ 11:29 pm

Outstanding! Always enjoyed it far more than the tired, worn thin Simpsons.

Maybe because I’m a closet TOS Trekkie and they make so many references…

#4 R Pyle
@ 8:52 am

Good News, Everyone!

#5 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:37 pm


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