Select ‘Bloom County’ running in USA Today

To commemorate the second volume of the Bloom County Complete Library being released, USA Today is running select strips with commentary from Berkeley Breathed this week. The commentary today is about the eighties and Star Trek references.

Q. In Ted Koppel’s intro to Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume 2, he writes, “I never believed that anything could make me feel nostalgic for the eighties.” Many people seem to want to feel that way, yet when presented with pop culture artifacts from that era (music, movies, TV shows, and yes … comics) most find a certain amount of pleasure in revisiting those years. Do you ever feel nostalgic when you look back on those days?

A. For God’s sake, the ’80s were fab. I won’t listen to shrill complaining from cultural philistines. For everyone who claims they are too hip to acknowledge how fun the music and movies were of that decade, I’d like to tie them to a chair, tape headphones onto their pointy heads and crank up a Journey song to volume level 11. They’re lip-syncing in 20 seconds, despite their embarrassed grimacing.

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