Islamic website threatens South Park creators

The Islamic website has allegedly threatened South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone with a fate similar to Theo Van Gogh for “insulting” the prophet Mohammad during it’s 200th episode. In that episode, Muhammad is depicted in a bear suit. Van Gogh was a Dutch filmmaker who murdered in 2004 for making a “documentary on violence against women in some Islamic societies.” The website shows a picture of the Van Gogh with the caption, “Theo Van Gogh – Have Matt Stone And Trey Parker Forgotten This”.

Here is video of Matt and Trey talking about using Mohammad in their show: (NSFW:heavy language)

The Islamic website also linked to an Huffington Post article that described where the two South Park creators lived.

6 thoughts on “Islamic website threatens South Park creators

  1. Matt and Trey are right, the best response to the Danish cartoon controversy would have been a massive re-printing of the cartoons in publications everywhere across the planet. It still is, so we don’t have to put up with this kind of stupidity.

  2. Okay, first of all, the only thing I think of when I read that is Vincent’s beloved brother, Theo. I know it’s obviously not THAT Theo van Gogh, but still…

    Secondly, what a way to commemorate your 200th episode.

  3. Heh, given that this kind of threat is exactly why Mohammed was in the bear suit in the first place, I can’t see Matt Stone And Trey Parker being entirely unhappy with this.

  4. This is pretty hilarious in hindsight, considering how everyone was panicking about this throughout the episode. The odds are the next episode will make fun of this.

  5. You know…the thing that is so disturbing about this, is that practically every intro to ‘Southpark’, after a certain date, features the vague likeness of The Prophet Muhammad. He’s right there in the yellow get-up.

    This was happening, while people were rioting in Copenhagen.

    Hurting people in the name of religion is ultimate silliness. If your religion encourages violence, may I suggest Buddhism.

    Matt & Trey…rock on.

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