AZ couple has $350k worth in Peanuts originals

Speaking of original Peanuts artwork, a Phoenix woman took her stash of original Peanuts art that she’s been buying up since 1950 to the “Antique Roadshow” hoping that they’d appraise enough help she and her husband retire. She estimated her collection was worth about $50,000, but the appraiser on the television show said that her entire collection could go as high as $350,000.

With cameras rolling, “Roadshow” appraiser Gary Sohmers estimated the value of a single “Peanuts” comic frame at $40,000. That’s when Kiper went silent.

“I am not one to be quiet,” she said, “but I was speechless.”

And Sohmers had yet to talk about the week’s worth of comics about Halley’s Comet. When he wrapped up his appraisal, Kiper was in utter shock (and she hesitates watching her reaction when the episode airs tonight).

After the show, Kiper and her husband carried the collection back to their Phoenix home, knowing that a collection she thought might be worth $50,000 had just been valued at $350,000.

6 thoughts on “AZ couple has $350k worth in Peanuts originals

  1. That estimate seems a little high- I’ve seen them going on average in the $20,000 and 30,000 range a few as low as $15,000 depending on which character is in the strip and if it’s a daily or Sunday

  2. Alan-

    I have watched the show twice today and the appraiser says it’s worth 450K, not 350K. He also said the Charlie Brown “snowman” Sunday was worth 75K alone.

  3. Cool!

    My daughter’s pediatrician’s office has 2 original Peanuts hanging on the wall. If it wasn’t for the shots, I’d actually look forward to taking her to the doctor!

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