Pat Oliphant celebrates 30 years with Universal

Lots of anniversaries lately. Here’s another. According to John Glynn over at the GoComics editors blog, editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant is celebrating 30 years with Universal Uclick.

6 thoughts on “Pat Oliphant celebrates 30 years with Universal

  1. He’s as funny and relevant today as he was thirty years ago.

    No bells, whistles or animation. Just first-rate draftsmanship and an amazing wit.

    Most cartoonists I read don’t put in a tenth of the effort he does.

  2. For a short time, there were bells and whistles. There was an “Animated Oliphant” feature on Universal’s web site. It was awful, which is probably why it’s not there now.

  3. Newsweek tried animating editorial cartoons 20 yrs ago. A huge waste of time and money.

    I still laugh out loud at an Oliphant cartoon. I’m still blown away by his caricaturing skills- the importance of which seems to be lost on most everyone else these days.

  4. When someone tries to animate a static cartoon, the results are usually laughable. I think NBC also tried to do that during the 1980’s. It was also a failure.

    Oliphants drawing ability is amazing. I love to just look at his cartoons. Beautiful stuff.

  5. Oliphant has grace, style, elegance, and the kind of sharp wit ( not just humor ) that is all to rare….that makes him one of the all-time greats.

    His work is so unique, that they are really “editorial illustrations”, seperate from a pedestrian editorial cartoon.

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