Lucasfilm developing new Star Wars TV comedy

I feel a disturbance in the force.

Variety reports that Lucasfilm Animation is developing a new animated Star Wars TV comedy series. Yes, you read correctly? a Star Wars comedy series. But really, are you surprised? If there is one thing George Lucas loves, it?s milking the Star Wars franchise for every golden drop.

13 thoughts on “Lucasfilm developing new Star Wars TV comedy

  1. I think this is the brain-child of Seth Green, known for the many STAR WARS parodies from his now-defunct ROBOT CHICKEN.

  2. If this was SOLELY Seth Green and Matt Senreich’s project, I would be ecstatic. Their Robot Chicken/Star Wars stuff has been brilliant. But the involvement of others has me less than enthused, especially when Green and Senreich have been relegated to “creative involvement”.

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