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Cagle Cartoons celebrates 10 years in business

Congratulations to Daryl Cagle on this milestone:

Ten years ago I was working as a daily cartoonist for Gannett’s Honolulu Advertiser. My web site was popular and I made a deal with Microsoft’s to partner, host and promote the site as part of Slate, which did a lot to boost our audience and our online profile. Also in 2000 I hired a veteran syndicate salesman to sell my own political cartoons to newspapers, marking the start of our syndicate. And I hired a tech guy to build our syndication site,, and our pay-per-use site, We added a bunch of great cartoonists to our roster and now have over 850 subscribers to our package syndication service, with even more pay-per-use customers. I think our syndication package is the best available, by far.

He continues with other achievements on his blog.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 9:05 am

Daryl is a true visionary and deserves all the success that has come to him. In fact, it DIDN’T come to him–he went after it! He built a business model that others will emulate for a long time. Hats off, Daryl!

#2 Ted Dawson
@ 9:09 am

Thanks to Daryl, I can go to one website and read all the editorial cartoons I want for free!

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