Terri Libenson writes close to home story-line

Terri Libenson, creator of The Pajama Diaries, has written a two week story-line focused on a rare blood disorder with her character Jill. The story is based off her own experience being diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia.

The headaches were becoming so frequent, I went to the doctor (this time insisting it wasn’t sinus-related, as past sinus medications had proven fruitless). At first, she started prescribing migraine meds. But I really didn’t want meds; I really wanted to figure out the cause of this. After an Oscar-worthy pregnant pause, the doctor asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a blood test to rule out anemia or low iron. I agreed and promptly went to the lab to donate my red stuff.

To cut to the chase, after more tests (including an uncomfortable-but-not-as-bad-as-you’d-think bone marrow biopsy), it was concluded that I had a rare blood disease called “Essential Thrombocythemia.” Basically, that’s a fancy medical term for “my bone marrow produces so many platelets, they can clump up like bad cake mix.”

Read the her full post for how she was treated and how those interested can learn more.

The story-line began on the 15th and runs through this Saturday.

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  1. I have ET and was diagnosed 4 years ago. Thankfully, I did not take the drug hydrea as was prescribed. Dr. Tefferi from the Mayo clinic has see over 100,000 people with ET and stated that his treatment is a baby aspirin. They do not use any of the old drugs. I have been seeing Dr. Isaac Eliaz a medical and chinese doctor in Sebastapol, CA. I have personally gone that route with also being monitored by my Chiropractor here in MN.

    I would love to hear from others on their path with ET.

    Also, the info in Dr. Tefferi was just received from a friend diagnosed with ET. She has been as the May Clinic this past week.

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