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Bill Mauldin stamps available this month

United States Postal Service will begin selling Bill Mauldin stamps this month. The stamp features a photo of himself along with his signature characters Willie and Joe. The Postal Service will also be releasing a series entitled The Sunday Funnies which will feature Archie, Beetle Bailey, Dennis the Menace, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes. The Sunday Funnies stamps will go on sale in July.

Community Comments

#1 Samantha Wikan
@ 11:37 am

Mauldin’s stamps are a must-have for me! Husband inherited 1945 edition of Mauldin’s Pulitzer-winning book, Up Front from his WW2-vet grandfather. I consider it a family treasure, though obviously well worn by reading and re-reading, with coffee stains and grandkids who were fascinated with Grampa’s embosser. Hahaha

#2 dave nelson
@ 12:18 pm

So cool!
I recently bought the 2 volume collection of his strips and I couldn’t put it down. Beautiful drawings and a little history in each strip. Too bad I use stamps so infrequently, I don’t think the water company cares about my taste in comics.

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