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UP walks away with Best Animated Film and Score

Those watching last nights Academy Awards noted that Pixar’s “UP” won in two categories: Animated Feature Film and Music (Original Score). “UP” was nominated for Best Picture, but lost to “The Hurt Locker.”

Community Comments

#1 Norm Feuti
@ 11:07 am

I liked “Up”, but I thought “Coraline” should have won.

#2 Eddie Pittman
@ 11:18 am

Congratulations Pete and crew! Very excited to see you win and hear your gracious acceptance speech!

Now, that being said, I want an Ellie badge! :)

#3 david essman
@ 11:23 am

animated short went to Logorama

#4 Jeff Pert
@ 9:24 am

In a country where animation isn’t thought of as “for kids”, UP would have won Best Picture.

#5 Tom Wood
@ 10:03 am

Most of the voting members of the academy are actors. They’re naturally going to have a predisposition toward live action movies, if only to promote their livelihood. Avatar suffered for the same reason.

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